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Amalgam Kirby and Amalgam MLP - Digital drawings
Marvel Comic Kirby: Magneto Kirby by dragonfire53511
Golaith Kirby sketch by dragonfire53511
Bleach Kirby: Ichiago by dragonfire53511
Videogame MLP Crossover: Minwu Pony by dragonfire53511
Videogame MLP Crossover: Kratos Pony by dragonfire53511
My Little Pony Crossover: Lord Raptor by dragonfire53511
I like doing cross over themed  Kirbys and  My little Ponies

The drawings our done via digital

With a Wacom tablet and Painter 2015

I'll draw one 500x500 picture of your My Little Pony or Kirby Amalgam with a minimalistic background. I will need,

-At least one reference
-Cutie Mark info if the reference doesn't have one for My little Pony Amalgam.

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Baslisk by dragonfire53511
basilisk ( from the Greekβασιλίσκος basilískos, "little king;" Latin regulus) is a legendary reptile reputed to be king ofserpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. According to the Naturalis Historia of Pliny the Elder, the basilisk of Cyrene is a small snake, "being not more than twelve fingers in length,"[2] that is so venomous, it leaves a wide trail of deadly venom in its wake, and its gaze is likewise lethal; its weakness is in the odor of the weasel, which, according to Pliny, was thrown into the basilisk's hole, recognizable because all the surrounding shrubs and grass had been scorched by its presence. It is possible that the legend of the basilisk and its association with the weasel in Europe was inspired by accounts of certain species of Asiatic snakes (such as the king cobra) and their natural predator, the mongoose.
GRIMM: Aswang by dragonfire53511
GRIMM: Aswang
I was inspired by :iconmighty-raven: picture of a Aswang; So I decide to draw one myself

based off of Mommy Dearest...

An Aswang (ah-SWAH-ng; Tag. "monster") or Tik-tik (tik-TIK; Tag. onomatopoeia) is a ghoul-like Wesen that appeared in "Mommy Dearest". They are indigenous to the Philippine Islands and exist within mainstream Filipino mythology.


When woged, Aswang are bald, ghoul-like creatures with pale grey skin and a bat-like nose. Their featureless, silver eyes glow faintly in the dark. The vertebrae along their backs enlarge to the point where they form a noticeable ridge, and they possess needle-like fangs and claws.

Aswang are notable for their black forked proboscis tongue that is able to stretch several times the length of their bodies. The tongue is designed to pierce flesh and can move solids in both directions through its long tube.

They are nimble climbers, and apparently very light, given the speed at how they can scale walls and trees. Their long claws and prehensile limbs make it possible for them to adhere over practically any surface, even horizontal ones like the ceiling. However, they aren't very strong, as Wu was able to kick away a fully woged Lani Tomas a fair distance with only one leg. Instead, they rely on their agility in combat, as well as their pouncing and their claws when confronting an adversary.


Their tongues serve three purposes, each related to the grisly habit they are infamous for. After chewing Valerian root, Aswangs will use their tongues to pierce the naval of a pregnant woman, and inject the chemical properties into the woman tranquilizing her. From there the Aswang will use their tongues to suck the infant out of the womb, but not before sucking up a large amount of amniotic fluid. Under normal circumstances, there would be a high risk of the amniotic sack breaking, which would cause labor or a miscarriage. Since Aswang do not have this problem, it would mean their tongues are fine and precise as surgical tools. Traditionally, the eldest son of a female Aswang must give up his first conceived child for his mother to consume in order to extend her lifespan. Without doing this act, she will die within a month. The tradition dates back hundreds of years, but some Aswang believe it is too barbaric for modern times.

Aswang frequently make ticking sounds with their tongues, hence their alternate name, tik-tiks. Also when they woge, their voices have a slightly more shrilled sound. They have a reputation for being terrifying, as other Wesen are afraid of them.



Christopher Ramsey
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Various Music
Favourite style of art: Various
Operating System: Various
MP3 player of choice: IPOD
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto
Personal Quote: Wasn't me


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